About the Designers of Wizard’s Brew

Alan R. Moon was born in England. At seven his librarian father took a job in the US and the family moved to New York/New Jersey. Alan grew up playing the standard American Classics Monopoly, Careers, Risk and Facts in Five; as well as many cards games including Hearts, Oh Hell and Bridge.

His first published game design was Black Spy (Avalon Hill, 1981). In 1991, frustrated that he could not sell more of his games to established companies, he started his own company and series of games under the name—White Wind, Inc. Out of that series of games, one emerged that got picked up by Amigo in 1997, and developed into Elfenlands, which won Alan’s first Spiel des Jahres (German game of the Year Award) in 1998.

Now becoming better-known and established in the Pantheon of Games Designers, Alan’s next big hit was UNION PACIFIC, published by Amigo in 1999. Then it was on to some note-worthy collaborations with the well-known designers Richard Borg, Bruno Faiduti (collaboratively did Incan Gold) and Aaron Weissblum.

With Aaron Weissblum, Alan co-designed Das Amulett, first published by Goldseiber in 2001, and a top three finalist for the Spiel des Jahres in 2001 (it lost in the finals to Carcassonne). But the Das Amulett game never had a production outside of Germany and thus may be found only in the German language. Wizard’s Brew is about to change all that!

Next came the “10 Days” Series (in Africa, the USA, Europe, etc.) published by Out of the Box, and still favorites of Alan’s to this day.

This flurry of great game design productivity culminated in the publication of TICKET TO RIDE by Days of Wonder in 2004. TICKET TO RIDE has won numerous game awards (including the Spiel des Jahres in 2004) and has established Alan as one of the pre-eminent games designers in the world today!

Alan and his wife Janet live in Syracuse, New York.

Aaron Weissblum has always loved to play games. “I was the kid who never wanted to go to bed but wanted to play more games.” And designing games kept him playing them. In 1999, Weissblum’s first two games Cloud Nine and Knights of the Rainbow (a co-design with Alan Moon), were published by the American Division of the German company FX Schmid, and later re-issued by other companies. Other co-designs with Alan R. Moon include: San Marco, Capitol, Oasis, and New England.

In 2001, Das Amulett (co-designed with Alan Moon), was selected as one of the three finalists for the Spiel des Jahres (SDJ). Aaron’s game designs are mainly family games, but are usually written for adults and are very accessible to children as well.

Aaron presently lives in and runs a studio in Massachusetts.